Blow it for a Surprise!

Oops! It’s not what you think it is! Having a hard time thinking of the best decorations for your next event? Don’t worry bud! We’ve got you back!

Since we want to be part of your special events, Printed Balloons is here to help you! When we were kids, balloons are our favourite takeaway from birthday parties and any other special events in our lives. Balloons never get out of style, they are our lifesavers to every boring party we attended. Seeing something that floats in the air just brings back our happy childhood, nostalgic.

Every special event won’t be complete without balloons as part of the decoration, it is an unwritten rule. Here at Printed Balloons, we can help you choose the best balloon to suit your event! Oh, I forgot, not just balloons, but inexpensive, high quality, and customisable balloons!

If you’re having an event like a company anniversary, we can customise your balloons by choosing the best type and colour of your interest (we’ve got awesome choices for you by the way), also we can print your company name and logo on your the balloon. We offer different types of balloons, from the standard balloon to the ultra shine balloon, which comes in different colours for different celebrations. These balloons may also serve as giveaways for the people who will attend your event.

Surprise your partners and customers with a chill and a friendly atmosphere for your next event by choosing the best balloons. Only here at Printed Balloons!

A Great Way To Jump Start Your Event


If you want to showcase your message or logo, our metallic balloons are what you need! You can make good use out of our fantastic metallic balloons for trade shows, conferences, events and celebrations. They’re appealing and will send your message across clearly to your guests, clients and potential clients.

Our balloons are a great way to get an event started. The atmospheric vibes that it brings lets your guests feel at ease. Unlike other plain balloons, our metallic balloons have an amazing appeal. They’re also a great source of entertainment for kids of all ages. Order our fantastic metallic balloons now!

Metallic Balloons

Create Active Atmosphere With Our Party Balloons

Party balloons are available in a great number of attractive styles on our website. They are a popular choice for events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, company functions, tradeshows and conferences. People select balloons to create active atmosphere, so if you want to have a party that will knock people’s socks off, then you’ve come to the right place. Our party balloons will be your ideal choice!

Party balloons are all made from terrific rubber materials; so they are surely your safer choice. There are many series of attractive colours that are offered for selection including red, yellow, orange, gold, green and blue. On top of that, you can also print any vital information wanted.

Get PARTYING with our amazing inexpensive party balloons. Don’t be a party pooper, be the life of the party!


Awesome Birthday Balloons For Your Next Celebration

Today, birthday balloons are necessary ornamentals of birthday parties and celebrations. They are cheap, beautiful and convenient. They can make your party location romantic, flowery and full of happiness. They are also a sort of perfect gifts for the birthday leading role.

As ornamentals, birthday balloons have their particular merits. First of all they are much cheaper then any other ornamentals. For instance, if you chose flowers of the same amount, the price will be five times higher then balloon. Secondly they are beautiful and we can print all kinds of colour balloons. You can also print words and patterns on the balloons. It is up to what you need.


Party Balloons Can Create An Active Party Atmosphere

Party balloons which are available in a great number of attractive styles now have become a popular item which is widely used in a variety of parties, especially for birthdays, wedding and corporate events.

Party balloons showed on our website are all made from terrific rubber materials; so they will surely be your safe choices. Besides, in order to cater for your different party themes, there are a series of attractive balloon colours offered to you for selection, including red, yellow, orange, gold, green, blue and so on.

On top of that, you can also print your logo or message, such as party themes, new couple’s names or some other information onto your selective balloons. For the perfect party accessory be sure to also check out our selection of party coasters for the flawless atmosphere.


Special Party Balloons

The atmosphere will soon warm up with these party balloons of any party. Many young people like to go to parties, and colourful balloons are essential of each party. These are special kind of balloons, they can be printed any your favourite logos, pictures, words on it!


In any of the parties, there will be a variety of shapes and colours of the balloons. When people stood in the midst of many of the balloons, there will always be a sense of romance. Anyone will have the feeling of living in a fairy tale world! Also a lot of people like to listen to the sounds of bursting balloons, that’s like the voice of fireworks. This kind of feeling is very happy! If the balloons can be printed your name, or others for your blessing, it will be more perfect! The party balloons can do it!

More importantly, if it is a company’s party, party balloons also can be printed on the company’s logo or the theme of the party! There will be a very good publicity effect. If you want to organize a personal party, also can print your party’s name or theme on it! With it, your party will be different!

Use Wedding Balloons to Create Romance

Wedding balloons are necessary tools for creating romance during wedding parties, and the reason is that they can be excellent decoration tools, which can be supplied with all kinds of various particular designs, which can make them look outstanding among the crowd.


The wedding balloons supplied in this website come in a variety of colours, patterns, sizes, styles and prices, thus there must be some that are suitable for you to present the particular feature of your wedding party. The designing patterns of our products are various, ranging from the pattern of heart, cartoon to arch and so on with one particular colour or mixed colours, thus you can choose any kind which can well match with the tone of your wedding party. Besides, all of them are guaranteed with high quality and will never break easily, and the customers always are fully satisfied with the reasonable price, exciting design and timely delivery.

Above all, if you want something to be attractive among the crowd when walking in the street no matter in rainy days or sunny days, then ladies umbrellas is an ideal choice for you.

Colourful & Sweet Wedding Balloons

Wedding balloons are all the rage among brides for wedding decoration! Have you ever attended a wedding party without any balloons? No need to think, the answer is NEVER! Any bride who wants her wedding to be special and romantic won’t miss the balloons.


Since balloons are available in all kinds of colours, any bride can find her favorite colour to be the wedding colour. Just image you can sink in the pink balloons when you say “Yes, I do”, how unforgettable and memorable it would be! The pictures you take at the wedding party will also be pink, pink, pink! And hello grooms, don’t be selfish and only concerned about your bachelor party, get some wedding balloons in your future wife’s favorite colour and make her happy on your big day!

There is another reason why ballons have been widely used in wedding, because wedding balloons are an economical way to add a lot of color and create great and romantic atmosphere to your wedding. Besides, you are totally free to print your wedding theme or blessing message on those balloons. Take actions, make your wedding colourful and sweet!

Promotional Balloons for Personal and Corporate Occasions

Promotional balloons are commonly seen in all kinds of business occasions such as the hall market as well as personal parties like birthday and wedding parties, as they present a fashionable trend in modern life.


When you browse this website, you will find the widest range of promotional balloons, for example, you may choose any kind of your favourite colour, including red, green, white, black and any other mixed colours and so on. Besides, these items come in numerous sizes and materials, which can be designed into a wide range of patterns such as arch, heart and cartoon and so on. Just imagining how romantic and exciting it is if all of them are pink or red with heart pattern in the sky and used in the wedding parties. Therefore, all the organizations can also use them to attract more attention from potential clients during some special corporate events.

The promotional balloons supplied here can be suitable for personal and corporate occasions, which are always highly praised by a large number of customers, thus we are proud to say that you must be interested in these products.

Pretty Balloons in Your Party

Party Balloons are great and necessary accessories in the party. Whenever it is a festival, a birthday, a wedding ceremony, an anniversary day, a company activity, or any special day, don’t miss choosing some balloons as a lovely decoration. It is a simple way to cheer up your guests and make the party lively. With printing of your personalised words or feature, they are full of fun and joy. As promotional items, balloons with your company logo are nice gifts as well. They can easily catch up attention and particularly appeal to the children and females. Holding a balloon on the street, your logo will be well recognised wherever the receiver goes. A smart advertisement, isn’t it?


You will get surprised by a variety of types and colours of the party balloons. More than 50 colours, totally 4 ranges will never bore you and you will definitely find your favourite ones. Here are the options: standard, metallic, pearl, ultra shine. Standard range is fit for all occasions; if you are looking for vibrant colours with a strong reflective shine, the metallic range would satisfy you; Pearl range is romantic and sweet; ultra shine range will amazingly shine in your party. All ranges are produced in a high quality. The other balloons accessories, such as cups and sticks, hand pumps are also provided. If the standard size is too normal for you, then you can order the large or super size.

In the special days, don’t forget the party balloons!